Will Power is NOT happy with INDYCAR race control

By Steve Wittich

After the 70-lap race, an emotional and upset Will Power from Team Penske talked to Kevin Lee from NBC Sports, saying:

I’m mad at INDYCAR. Because I’m the first car in, and they wait until the last car to come to get a fan on that car, and it roasted the ECU (Electronic Control Unit).

And, just going to a red flag, for starters. The guys up there in race control never listen to any drivers. They never listen; they don’t care. We’ve given them so many suggestions, and they don’t care.

I drove my ASS off today to have this happen!

I was screaming on the radio, ‘we need a fan, get a fan.” (from Lee, it wasn’t for you, it was for the car?). Yeah, because the ECU always overheats. They wait for everyone. These guys (behind me) still had air coming in the car.

You work your ass off in this sport. So much money goes into it and doesn’t, and it has dumb decisions like that.

Man, if it’s not a yellow they throw, it’s some stupid idea like this – a red flag. Gah.

The No. 12 Verizon 5G Team Penske crew was able to his power plant going again, but he finished 20th, three laps behind winner Marcus Ericsson. The Aussie was the dominant driver on the day, leading the most laps (37 years), turning the second quickest lap of the race and the fastest leader lap. Power had built over a one-second lead over Ericsson when Grosjean hit the wall in Turn 9.