Denise Titus honored with 7th Annual ‘Lone Star J. R.’ Johnny Rutherford Award

From our friends at the IndyCar Ministy

The winner of the 2019 “‘Lone Star J.R.’ Johnny Rutherford Award” is Denise Titus. She is the RN, Medical Liaison/ co Ordinator for officials, team members and drivers at Indy Car.

Denise was one of 4 finalists selected by the IndyCar community and voted as the winner. Anyone who holds a ‘hard-card’ in IndyCar is eligible. Including teams, drivers, IndyCar, and safety crew.

This award was created by the IndyCar Ministry to honor the IndyCar participant who best exemplifies outstanding character, integrity and leadership in the home, at the track and in the community.  The Award is named after Johnny Rutherford who has won the Indianapolis 500 three times.  In 1987 he was inducted into the Auto Racing Hall of Fame at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and in 1998 he was inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame, and the Motorsports Hall of Fame in America.  J.R. is an individual of great character who has served his family and community faithfully through the years and is a role model for drivers and business people alike.

The award is on permanent display in the IMS Museum and Denise also received a $1,000 check.