Fernando Alonso takes on Indy car road course test

Question: Tell me a little bit about your experience today – you kind of got experience with two things in the car: wet, a little bit wet and dry, right?
ALO: “Yeah, it was a good day, a fun day. I love to test new cars and to test the INDYCAR on a road course is something special. I’ve been lucky enough to test it in wet conditions, in intermediate conditions and in dry conditions, so overall I had a good feeling on every type of track. The weather was good for us today – a little bit of wind in the afternoon but overall a positive day.” 
Question: You’ve now driven on a superspeedway and a road course – which one do you prefer?
ALO: “Probably my instinct will tell me road course, because it’s what I’ve been used to doing all my life, but the Indy 500 was an amazing experience, so 50/50. I think I love the way the car feels on a road course, but I love the way you compete on ovals, timing the tows, traffic and all the overtaking manoeuvres I think are a little bit easy on the ovals, so in terms of track action I loved the Indy 500.” 
Question: Do you call this kind of a bucket list item for you just getting to drive different things and new experiences?
ALO: “Yeah, definitely. It was something that I was looking for last year already. I had some options to test the car on a road course after the INDY 500. We didn’t find the time but this year it’s definitely happened now and I’m happy for this. I love being behind a steering wheel, and definitely a new car, a new experience, learning a lot of things from the team, the engineers, everyone, so a happy day.”