INDY NXT Qualifying Report | Streets of St. Petersburg

Source: Team PR

Qualifying Notes

The Andretti INDY NXT team took to the track for its first qualifying session of 2024 on the Streets of St. Petersburg today with returning Andretti trio Louis Foster, Jamie Chadwick and James Roe alongside rookies Bryce Aron, Salvador de Alba and Michael d’Orlando. 

After leading both practice sessions to open the weekend, Louis Foster led the majority of his qualifying group’s session and was set to improve on his fastest lap time before an untimely red flag ended the session before he could lock in a lap time. 

Recently announced Andretti Cape INDY NXT newcomer, Michael d’Orlando started the weekend strong with a second-place finish in the opening practice. D’Orlando went on to secure an impressive top-five starting spot in his first-ever INDY NXT qualifying despite being issued a penalty for causing a local yellow. 

Jamie Chadwick maintained steady pace throughout the qualifying session to come away with a 10th-place qualifying result, her second-best INDY NXT starting position. 

Like teammate Foster, James Roe was negatively affected by the second qualifying session’s two red flags and was unable to improve his lap times. 

INDY NXT rookies Bryce Aron and Salvador de Alba both had clean qualifying sessions and will start eighth and 15th respectively in tomorrow’s Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. 

Louis Foster No. 26 Copart / Novara Technologies Dallara


“It was a shame with the red flags. Our group had two red flags while the other group didn’t have any. It’s just a shame. We don’t deserve to be starting from where we are, but we’ll make sure that we work hard tomorrow to see some good results.”

Bryce Aron No. 27 Jaguar Land Rover Chesterfield Dallara


“I’m relatively happy with the way this qualifying session went. I had a great car that the Andretti team supplied. I couldn’t really ask for anything more from the car – it was fabulous. I feel like I had to put the lap together a bit more, but overall, I’m really happy with my first qualifying session for INDY NXT. There are a lot of positives to recognize and some work to be done. I think we can do a lot during the race.”

Jamie Chadwick No. 28 VEXT Dallara


“I think we showed really good pace in practice today, but we knew it was going to close up in qualifying. Our group got a little unlucky with the reds there, but the No. 28 crew still had a good run at it and we’re in the mix for fighting tomorrow. It’s going to be an interesting day, but I’m happy to have the season underway.

James Roe No. 29 Topcon Dallara


“It was a pretty straightforward session in qualifying today with an abrupt ending. We were up by quite a few tenths, then the first red came out and that was it – qualifying was over. There was no advancement after that, which is unfortunate because we were on a lap that would have put us up there in position when the red came out. That’s one of the things about street course racing and today, unfortunately, we were on the wrong side of it.”

Salvador de Alba No. 2 Grupo Indi Dallara


“It was a tough first qualifying for me today. I was a little bit off pace and I felt the car was a bit too hot in temperature. Although, I’m happy to be here in my first INDY NXT qualifying. We know what to expect with the car and we want to gain some spots in the race. We’ll keep learning as fast as we can.”

Michael d’Orlando No. 3 Priority Dallara


“What a rush today has been! We had an engine problem and only got about five clean laps in the first practice, so we started a little bit behind, but I’m super proud of the Andretti Cape team for getting a new engine in for the qualifying. They did a lot of hard work and I wanted to reciprocate that. I’m really proud of how the team and I have put our effort together – a huge thank you to them. Also, thank you to Rising Star Racing and Priority Technology Holdings for making this happen for me. I like being in this series and with that shoot-out of a qualifying, we just kind of sent it.”

Don Lambert Team Manager

“It was our first qualifying session of the season today, and our drivers gave it all they had. Unfortunately, some poorly timed red flags set us back in Group 2 of the session. Louis was projected to improve upon his best lap time, but the red flag at the end cut that opportunity short. Regardless, having two of our drivers start the race tomorrow in the top five is positive and gives us the potential to pursue more successful results in the race. Overall, it’s good to get back out on track this year. We’ll evaluate today’s results so that we can come out strong as a team tomorrow.”