Stay inside-get Foyt to your door, 20% off

Greetings from California.

20% off all wines now

We hope this finds you safe and in good spirits. With everything happening in our world right now, we want to share an update from our community and industry.

On March 15, California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a recommendation for winery tasting rooms to close immediately. Subsequently, on March 17 the Sonoma County government issued a “shelter in place” order directing all individuals living in the county to stay at their place of residence, with exception to those that may need to leave to provide or receive certain essential services, engage in certain essential activities and work for essential businesses and governmental services.

We at Foyt Family Wines are assigned “essential business” status, and therefore will remain open for as long as we can. While our tasting rooms are closed, the production side is still operational. We have opted for limited crews to manage any winemaking and viticulture duties. Our winery is quite spread out, so the remaining crew is able to work in a naturally distanced environment. Our selection of wine is still available online, and our logistics department is standing by to ship any and all orders for as long as UPS and other carriers continue to make wine deliveries.

Since we produce alcohol, we have access to 190 proof distilled grape spirits. We have been producing our own hand sanitizers getting them to those in need. The safety of all our customers, friends, families and every single American is at the forefront of our prayers and thoughts.

With the concerns of social distancing, stress of closed businesses and uncertainty of how long our lives will be affected by this pandemic, we remain open with the hope that our wine clubs and internet sales stay afloat. There is no doubt that these are unprecedented times, but our industry is no stranger to adversity. In 2017 we were able to overcome the devastating wine country fires and evacuations, and we know that we will all make it through this too.

To help provide some comfort and relief during this time, we are happy to offer 20% off all of wines in our online store. For those who like to buy in bulk we are also offering one cent shipping for orders of three bottles or more.

If you love wine, please do what you can to support the smaller boutique wineries that don’t have the massive budgets to weather this storm. There are so many to choose from and every online orders helps.  Of course, we hope you continue to enjoy our wines, but any support for our local winery community truly supports us as well.

Be Safe!