IMS Fans Can Buy Front-Row Seat to History with Green Chair

INDIANAPOLIS, Friday, March 16, 2018 – Indianapolis Motor Speedway fans can bring a piece of the Racing Capital of the World into their homes by buying one of the famous “Green Chairs” that lined the B Stand and B Penthouse grandstands at IMS from the 1950s until 2015.

Limited quantities of the iconic green, metal folding chairs are on sale now at at two prices: $75 (installed in 1956) and $50 (installed in the 1960s). Each chair comes with a commemorative plaque and is sold in the same condition as it last appeared in use.

“Fans sat in the Green Chairs during so many fascinating eras at IMS, watching the roadsters roar down the all-brick front straightaway, the dawn of rear-engine cars, the turbine, the arrival of NASCAR, F1 and MotoGP and so much more,” IMS President J. Douglas Boles said. “The memories inspired by these chairs are endless, and they are a great conversation piece and keepsake for IMS fans and race fans everywhere, especially as we approach the magical Month of May.”

Race Day ticket holders for any IMS event in 2018 will receive a $10 discount on either chair option if they purchase the chair using the same IMS account with which they bought Race Day tickets.

Chair customers are encouraged to pick up their treasured keepsakes at IMS starting March 27 to avoid significant shipping fees.

Metal folding chairs were used in the B Penthouse and in the B Stand until 2015, replaced by aluminum bench seats during the Project 100 renovation program of the facility, which opened in 1909.

The 102nd Indianapolis 500 presented by PennGrade Motor Oil is scheduled for Sunday, May 27on the oval at IMS, with the fifth annual INDYCAR Grand Prix on Saturday, May 12 on the road course at IMS.

Don’t miss your chance to purchase a piece of Indianapolis Motor Speedway history – one of the chairs from B Stand (Photo courtesy of Indianapolis Motor Speedway, LLC Photography)