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ZOOMERS RV Gets On The Road With Jonathan Byrd’s Racing

Greenwood, IN – With the 100th Indianapolis 500 kicking off in just under two months, Jonathan Byrd’s Racing is excited to welcome ZOOMERS RV to its roster of companies that continue to come together in support of Bryan Clauson and the Jonathan Byrd’s Racing program.

ZOOMERS RV (, located in Wabash, Indiana is a family owned and operated business founded by Michael Weaver. The original ZOOMERS was a small building with only Mike and one mechanic.  Founded in 2007 and quickly becoming the Midwest’s leader in Online RV Sales, ZOOMERS has grown into the leader in new and used RV sales in Northern Indiana.

Mike Weaver, founder of ZOOMERS RV, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, saying “It’s been great getting to know David (Byrd) and Bryan (Clauson), and it’s exciting to be part of the team and to know that ZOOMERS is going to have a place at the Indy 500.”

Bryan Clauson added: “With this year’s racing program, we’re logging a lot of miles on the track and on the road.  An RV was going to be a crucial component of success this year while Chasing 200 races.  Mike set us up with a sweet unit, and I’m happy to be representing him and his company all year long across all of our teams.”

David Byrd echoed Bryan’s thoughts: “It’s been great working with Mike and all of his people.  He has a great business and just as they are contributing to Bryan’s success on the track this year, we’re going to be proud to be part of the ZOOMERS RV success story going forward.”

While stocking the finest selection of new and used Class A, Class B, and Class C motorhomes, along with Toy Haulers, Fifth Wheels, and Travel Trailers, ZOOMERS RV is also Indiana’s exclusive dealer of Holiday Rambler RV’s, which include the luxurious Scepter, Endeavor, Ambassador, and Navigator models.

The ZOOMERS RV logo will appear on every vehicle across the entire Jonathan Byrd’s Racing platform, with this extending to Conor Daly’s Dale Coyne Racing IndyCar and Bryan Clauson’s Dale Coyne/Jonathan Byrd’s Racing Indy 500 entry, as well as Bryan Clauson’s winged sprint car, non-wing sprint cars, midget racer, and Silver Crown car.

ZOOMERS RV joins a diverse and growing list of 2016 supporters that includes Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Vantage Hotels (Lexington Hotels), E&K Construction, Dooling Machine, WHMB TV40, Freedom 95 Radio, Reising Radio Partners, (KORN Country 100.3, QMix 107.3, MOJO 102.9), Tilson HR, VisionAire Jets, Timothy Plan, TownePost Network, JR Billboards, ComedySportz Indianapolis, R.E. Griesemer, the Indy Fuel, B&H Contractors, Ward’s Apparel, and Hopegivers International.

R.E. Griesemer Gets Fired Up With Jonathan Byrd’s Racing

Jonathan Byrd’s Racing logo

Greenwood, IN – Jonathan Byrd’s Racing, having recently signed on with Dale Coyne Racing in support of Conor Daly’s rookie IndyCar campaign, and to bring Bryan Clauson to his 3rd Indianapolis 500 in the seat of the Dale Coyne/Jonathan Byrd’s Racing #88, is pleased to introduce another supporter in the form of the R.E. Griesemer, Inc.

R.E. Griesemer, Inc. (, a returning sponsor for the Jonathan Byrd’s Racing Indy 500 entry, is a Fire Protection contractor that has been installing fire sprinkler systems throughout the state of Indiana since 1976.   With a reputation for excellence with many general contractors, devlopers, and facility owners, their expertise is varied and includes providing customized fire protection as well as service and inspections for commercial, retail, industrial, and distribution facilities.

Bill Powlen, President of R.E. Griesemer says “We are extremely happy to continue our long time support of Bryan Clauson by again being a contributing sponsor for his Jonathan Byrd Racing’s entry in the 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500.”

Bryan Clauson added: “Bill and R.E. Griesemer have been tremendous supporters of short track racing in general and myself in particular for many years, and I couldn’t be happier to once again bring them to the biggest stage in racing.  It means so much to me to be able to connect the world of short track racing and its supporters to Indy, and I’m thrilled that Bill and company are continuing to support our program.”

Adding to Bryan’s sentiments, team principal David Byrd offered his thoughts: “Bill Powlen and everybody at R.E. Griesemer have a passion for racing, and they are the type of enthusiastic partner that we love to attract as we continue to build for the long-term with Bryan.  It’s been great getting to know Bill over the last couple of years, and we’re honored to represent yet another Indiana company and to bring them, once again, to the greatest spectacle in racing.”

R.E. Griesemer provides new installation, renovations, and retrofit of existing facilities, as well as protection of office, retail, medical, government, commercial, industrial, distribution, warehouse, newspaper printing, food processing, and cold storage facilities, in addition to wet pipe and dry pipe systems, pre-action and deluge systems, early suppression and fast response sprinklers, in-rack and pick-module fire protection, standpipe and fire hose supply systems, AAFF foam, FM200 and CO2 special hazard suppression systems, electric and diesel driven fire pumps, underground fire mains, and fire protection water storage tanks.

R.E. Griesemer joins a diverse and growing list of supporters that includes Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Vantage Hotels (Lexington Hotels), E&K Construction, Dooling Machine, WHMB TV40, Freedom 95 Radio, Reising Radio Partners, (KORN Country 100.3, QMix 107.3, MOJO 102.9), Tilson HR, VisionAire Jets, Timothy Plan, ComedySportz Indianapolis, the Indy Fuel, B&H Contractors, and Hopegivers International.

Source: Jonathan Byrd’s Racing and Dale Coyne Racing PR

Vantage Hotels Checks In With Jonathan Byrd’s Racing        @ByrdRacing Greenwood, IN – Jonathan Byrd’s Racing, which recently announced a partnership with Dale Coyne Racing that will bring Bryan Clauson to the Indianapolis 500 as the centerpiece of his “Chasing 200 Tour,” while also putting Conor Daly in a full-time IndyCar seat for the 2016 season, is pleased to announce a…

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Bryan Clauson To Attempt Unprecedented 2016 Racing Schedule

Knoxville, IA – Bryan Clauson, with support from Jonathan Byrd’s Racing and in partnership with Matt Wood Racing, Joe Dooling, Bryan Clauson Inc, and Mike Martin Racing, is thrilled to present “The Chasing 200 Tour: Circular Insanity”.

Already recognized as one of the busiest and most successful racers in the world with 2 Indy 500 appearances and 4 USAC championships under his belt, along with an annual schedule that routinely features more than 120 races, in 2016 Bryan Clauson will attempt a wholly unprecedented motorsports feat, as he will run a schedule consisting of 200 races.

With the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 in the Jonathan Byrd’s Racing #88 as its centerpiece, “The Chasing 200 Tour: Circular Insanity” will see Bryan competing in winged sprint cars with the Matt Wood Racing Elk Grove Ford 17w, non-winged sprint car races in the Bryan Clauson Inc/Dooling Machine 63 and the Mike Martin Racing 16bc, and midget races in the Rusty Kunz prepared Dooling Machine/B&H Contractors 63. Additionally, Bryan’s schedule will see him contesting a limited Silver Crown and pavement winged sprint car schedule. Jonathan Byrd’s Racing, in partnership with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, will provide support across the entire program.

Talking about his unprecedented and never before attempted schedule, Bryan says: “I’m not sure if this is awesome or crazy, but I’m beyond excited for our plans for ‘The Chasing 200 Tour’. As a race car driver, you dream of racing on the biggest stages, and this tour gives me the opportunity to race on every big stage in dirt track racing along with the biggest stage of them all, the Indianapolis 500. I always say I have the best job in the world, and I think it’s pretty cool that I get to try to do it 200 times! The amount of time and effort that has gone into planning this adventure has been immense, and I can’t thank everyone enough for getting this deal put together.”

David Byrd, a principal member of Jonathan Byrd’s Racing, offered his thoughts, saying “Nearly a year ago, Bryan told me that he had always dreamed of running a 200 race schedule. In fact, he prefaced it by saying that it was crazy. I told him that I like crazy, so when he told me what he wanted to do, I said ‘let’s make it happen!’. We went to work putting all of the pieces and partners together, and now here we are today turning dreams into reality. I can’t thank Matt Wood, Joe Dooling, Mike Martin, and Tim Clauson enough for joining in the insanity, and I couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with so many quality people and teams, and extending the Jonathan Byrd’s Racing and Cancer Treatment Centers of America program and partnership in this way.”

Matt Wood, owner of Matt Wood Racing and the Elk Grove Ford 17w, added “After years of admiring Bryan as a driver and talking to him about the possibility of racing for us, I was finally able to get him in one of our cars. He hasn’t disappointed. While he works to find his way under a wing, we’ve built a solid program this year with good people, good equipment, and good results while looking towards the future. When David and Bryan came to me with this plan for 2016, I was all in. There’s no doubt that Bryan is a special talent, and with what he has already accomplished in his career he could easily be satisfied; but he continues to push and challenge himself, as evidenced by his increased focus on wing racing and now these incredibly ambitious plans for next year. Working with BC has been fantastic and he has made us better as a team. Being able to be part of something extra special like ‘The Chasing 200 Tour’ will make us even better, and I feel like we have laid a tremendous foundation for success the rest of this season that we will be able to carry forward into 2016. Between both 410 and 360 sprint cars, and maybe even some midget races, we expect Bryan to be in the seat of the Elk Grove Ford 17w at least 100 times next year. Based on our results in our first few months of working together, that’s a very exciting proposition.”

Joe Dooling, owner of the Dooling Machine/B&H Contractors 63 midget and sprint car, added his thoughts: “Me and Rusty’s relationship with Bryan began with a win at the Chili Bowl in 2014, and with our Belleville Nationals win a couple of weeks ago, I’d have to say it’s just continued to get better. We’ve been racing for decades, and the last 2 seasons with Bryan have been our best by far. BC’s the type of driver that makes you want to do more for him, so continuing with Bryan in our midget and growing our relationship with him by adding a sprint car to our operation in partnership with Brodie and Sarah Hayward and the multiple USAC championship winning team at Bryan Clauson Inc led by Tim Clauson, and doing so in order to help BC pursue a lifelong dream by partnering with Jonathan Byrd’s Racing for a big chunk of ‘The Chasing 200 Tour’ was a no-brainer. Naturally, it takes a lot of people to make something like this happen, and we’re only able to do our part due to our fantastic engine program with Gary Stanton and the support of John Godfrey and Spike Chassis. We have some more winning to do with Bryan yet this year, and I can’t wait for 2016!”

Mike Martin, whose Mike Martin Racing team will handle a portion of the western and southwestern sprint car races on ‘The Chasing 200 Tour’ schedule, added: “Bryan and I have had a great deal of success together, and I’m honored to have a role in this program. Being able to put a driver like BC in my car, and to have him put his trust in me and my team means a lot to me. Frankly, I just think this is a very cool deal, and it’s awesome to see the level of passion and commitment that it takes to want to do something like this and to take the steps to make it happen. I know that Matt and Joe and Tim give Bryan the best equipment and effort to go out and compete at a high level every time he straps in the cockpit, and we’re looking forward to doing the same on a more regular basis and continuing our winning tradition with BC”.

Jonathan Byrd II, another principal of Jonathan Byrd’s Racing, offered up his thoughts: “Last year, when we announced that Bryan would be driving the Jonathan Byrd’s Racing car in the Indy 500, we told people that we planned on being in ‘the BC business’ for a long time. With this announcement, it’s safe to say that we’re increasing our investment in Bryan, as we embark on our family’s most ambitious racing program to date. We’re looking forward to BC representing the Jonathan Byrd’s brand on tracks across America, and are thrilled to be able to fly our banner nationwide in association with a brand like the Cancer Treatment Centers of America while Bryan chases what many might think is the insane goal of 200 races in one season and attempts to make motorsports history.”

“The Chasing 200 Tour: Circular Insanity” will kick off in January of 2016. Race fans will be able to follow the tour via the web at and, and via social media at the Jonathan Byrd’s Racing and Bryan Clauson Facebook pages and Twitter: @ByrdRacing and @BryanClausonInc.

KVSH & KVSH/JBR Indianapolis 500 Race Reports

Qualified: 7th
Finished: 11th

“It was a tough day for the Hydroxycut Haus Vaporizer team. I was dreading these conditions because on Monday and Carb Day we saw that we were not on the money when the track temperature went up. Unfortunately, it was 85 degrees and windy today. The track temp got up to 125 degrees, so I just did the best I could. I really struggled on restarts and lost a bunch of positions. That is something I am going to have to work on. The balance wasn’t an issue we just lacked overall grip. I was hoping I could stay at the front and make up a couple of positions at the start of the race, but instead I lost a couple straightaway. However, we stuck it out and almost finished in the top-10, so we will move on from there. Overall, I feel kind of lucky and happy to finish 11th.”

Fast Facts:
* This was Bourdais’ fifth Indianapolis 500 race. He earned his best qualifying position, seventh, and his second best finish (placed seventh last year).
* Bourdais has finished in the top-10 in four of the first six races of the 2015 Verizon IndyCar Series season (St. Petersburg, sixth; Long Beach, sixth, Alabama, eighth and the GP of Indy, fourth). He was also running sixth before a late pit stop at NOLA dropped him out of the top-10. He was then collected in an incident and finished 21st.
* Bourdais now sits seventh in the championship standings with 161 points, 43 out of fifth place.
* The 2015 Indianapolis 500 was Bourdais’ 137th Verizon IndyCar Series start, 22nd on an oval, 24th with KVSH Racing and fifth at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
* Of Bourdais’ 22 career oval starts, 13 have come in the last two years.
* Bourdais has made 15 IndyCar oval starts with a best qualifying of fourth at Fontana in 2013 and a best finish of seventh at the Indianapolis 500 last year.
* Bourdais made seven oval starts in Champ Cars earning four victories: Lausitz in 2003, Las Vegas in 2004, 2005, and Milwaukee 2006.


Stefano Coletti
No. 4 KV Racing Technology Chevrolet/Dallara/Firestone

Qualified: 32nd
Started: 29th
Finished: 25th

“We had a pretty difficult start to the race. The No. 4 KVRT car had a lot of under steer in traffic but with each pit stop we were able to make changes and in the end the car started to feel good in the last stint. We were finally able to run in the tow and attempt some passes. With about 25 laps to go, I was coming into turn 4 and the two guys in front of me crashed and hit the wall and I was able to avoid the first one, but not the second. Its unfortunate because I think I could of had a top-15, but that’s the way it ended. I just wanted to finish my first Indy 500 and I didn’t so hopefully I can do better next year.”

Fast Facts:
* Coletti not only made his Indianapolis 500 today, this was also Coletti’s first oval race.
* Coletti is the first native of Monaco to run in an IndyCar race since Louis Chiron participated in the 1929 Indianapolis 500.
* Coletti ran as high as 16th in his first oval race today
* He picked up 10 points today and now sits 20th in the championship standings, with 75 points, 31 out of 15th.
* Coletti, 26, still resides in Monaco



Qualified: 33rd
Started: 30th
Finished: 31st

Fast Facts:
* The 2015 Indianapolis 500 was Clauson’s second Verizon IndyCar Series start, first with KVSH/Jonathan Byrd’s Racing and second at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
* In his previous Indy 500 start, Clauson qualified 31st and finished 30th with Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing in 2012
* Clauson competes full-time in the National Sprint League in Winged Sprint cars. He currently sits third in the championship standings with 829 points, 156 out of first.
* In 2011, Clauson ran six Indy Lights races for Sam Schmidt Motorsports earning five top-10 finishes including four top-five showings, a podium (third) at Iowa and took the pole for the Freedom 100 at IMS. In 2012, he ran two Indy Lights events for Fan Force United placing 10th at both Milwaukee and Iowa.

Jonathan Byrd’s Racing Makes A Power Play With The Indy Fuel

Jonathan Byrd’s Racing Makes A Power Play With The Indy Fuel

Greenwood, IN – With just a few days left before festivities kick off at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, KVSH/Jonathan Byrd’s Racing is pleased to welcome another partner to the team, in the form of Indy’s newest professional sports franchise, the Indy Fuel.

The Indy Fuel are the proud “AA” affiliate of the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks and the AHL’s Rockford IceHogs. Entering their second season in the ECHL in 2015-16, the Fuel play their home games at the recently renovated, historic Indiana Farmers Coliseum.

Sean Hallett, CEO & COO of the Indy Fuel, talked about the partnership: “We are thrilled to team up with Jonathan Byrd’s Racing and Bryan Clauson for this year’s Indianapolis 500 and eagerly await race day 2015!  As our name suggests, we at the Fuel have a deep respect and admiration of the proud racing tradition of the Circle City, and to be on board with Jonathan Byrd’s is truly a thrill.”

Bryan Clauson offered his thoughts, saying “Obviously, with the month of May about to kick off, this is a very exciting time for our program, and adding an Indianapolis sports franchise to our team is very cool.  We all know that Indy is a great sports town, so having the chance to represent a fresh, new brand that hopes to build on the proud sports tradition of Indy, and folding them into the tradition that is the Indy 500, is an honor.”

Jonathan Byrd II added: “I really enjoy hockey, so I was excited when the Indy Fuel brought hockey back to Indianapolis, and it’s been great being able to get back to attending games at the Indiana Farmer’s Coliseum.  We’re definitely excited about this partnership, and are proud to carry the Indy Fuel with us into competition.  With us restarting our family’s racing program this year, and the Indy Fuel coming off their first season, this is great timing and a great fit.  Together, we’re fueling are mutual passions.”

In addition to the Indy Fuel’s Indy 500 sponsorship with the Byrd team, Jonathan Byrd’s Catering, part of the fast-growing Jonathan Byrd’s Hospitality & Restaurant Group and the Official Catering Company of the Indianapolis Colts, is now the official catering company of the Indy Fuel.

Jonathan Byrd’s Racing Transforms With John Jubilee @ByrdRacing

Greenwood, IN – KVSH/Jonathan Byrd’s Racing proudly welcomes John Jubilee and the John Jubilee 88 Day Transformation Experience to the continually growing group that is coming together in support of Bryan Clauson.

John Jubilee ( is America’s cellular health authority and the creator of the 88 day cellular health transformation. He has helped thousands upon thousands of people become medication free, pain-free, and fat-free with his simple, scientific, and sustainable program! Average people around the world have found their true genetic blueprint and a sustainable way to have optimal health at a cellular level for the rest of their lives through John educating, encouraging, and inspiring them with his groundbreaking scientific insights.

Additionally, though the team had initially presented itself to the public with the number 82, representing the year in which the very first Jonathan Byrd’s Racing car took to the racetrack, with today’s announcement, the team is formally transitioning to the number 88 for its Indianapolis 500 entry. This coincides with the introduction of the John Jubilee 88 Day Transformation sponsorship, and dovetails nicely with the founding of the Jonathan Byrd’s Hospitality & Restaurant Group in 1988.

Talking about this extension of his relationship with the Byrd family, John Jubilee exclaimed: “I’m absolutely elated to make the John Jubilee 88 Day Transformation Experience part of the Jonathan Byrd’s Racing team. 88 is a magical number for Jonathan Byrd’s, for John Jubilee and for this racing partnership, as it not only represents new beginnings and the period of cellular transformation in the human body, it also connects to the new beginnings of an established Indy 500 racing family, as the Byrd family returns to the Greatest Spectacle in Racing!”

Bryan Clauson added: “I’ve seen what the John Jubilee Transformation Experience has done for the Byrd family, and I’m proud to be able to represent the program. I’m looking forward to taking the 88 car on track in May, and to help spread the word about the way people can experience their own transformation and get healthy at a cellular level in just 88 days.”

Speaking to his experience with the John Jubilee program, Jonathan Byrd said: “The John Jubilee Transformation Experience has been life-altering for me. On John’s program, I lost nearly 100 pounds of fat in just over 88 days, while gaining 15 pounds of healthy muscle, and it was the easiest thing I’ve ever done. It didn’t take any pills or drugs, and now I’m healthy, my blood pressure is down, I have tons of energy, and I haven’t had so much as a sniffle in over a year. Before I started my transformation, I was unhealthy, and I could barely run to the end of the street, but now, thanks to the John Jubilee 88 Day Transformation, I’ll be running the Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini-Marathon in just a few weeks to kick off the month of May. Without John Jubilee, that would most definitely not be happening. It’s ironic that I’ll be running a mini-marathon to celebrate my transformation, as the John Jubilee program requires no running, no sit-ups, no weight training, and no heavy breathing of any kind.”

David Byrd echoed his brother, adding: “My experience with the John Jubilee 88 Day Transformation has not been quite as dramatic as that of my brother, as during my 88 day transformation, I only lost about 50 pounds of fat and gained more than 10 pounds of healthy muscle. Similar to my brother’s transformation experience, it was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done, and I continue to see a physical transformation every single day as I live the transformation lifestyle. We couldn’t be more excited to represent the John Jubilee Transformation Experience, and we look forward to spreading the word about this simple, scientific, and sustainable process of personal transformation.”

John Jubilee can be seen and heard daily on radio and television stations across the country. He takes his greatest joy in helping people to be the best they can possibly be. Through his program, John Jubilee is “changing the world one person at a time, starting with you, so you can love your life!”

About Jonathan Byrd’s Racing:

Jonathan Byrd’s Racing was founded by the late Jonathan Byrd in 1982. In its various forms, Jonathan Byrd’s Racing has successfully fielded 17 entries in the Indianapolis 500 beginning in 1985, scoring 6 top ten finishes, with a best finish of 5th in 2005. A Jonathan Byrd’s Racing car currently holds the all-time Indianapolis 500 1 and 4 lap qualifying records (Luyendyk ’96). Jonathan Byrd’s Racing has won 2 IndyCar races (Luyendyk – Phoenix ’96, Paul Jr – Texas ’98), along with 2 United States Auto Club National Midget Championships (’86,’87).

About KVSH Racing:
Racing is led by successful venture capitalist Kevin Kalkhoven, 1996 Indy car champion Jimmy Vasser and sports marketer James “Sulli” Sullivan.

JR Promotions Signs On With Jonathan Byrd’s Racing

Greenwood, IN – KVSH/Jonathan Byrd’s Racing is proud to welcome another sponsor to the Indy 500 entry of Bryan Clauson, as JR Promotions LLC has signed on as the official outdoor advertising partner of Jonathan Byrd’s Racing.


JR Promotions Outdoor Advertising ( is an independent family owned and operated outdoor advertising company with over 900 billboard faces in Indiana.  JR Promotions is headquartered in Columbus, Indiana.


Rick Sprague of JR Promotions reflected on the partnership with Jonathan Byrd’s Racing, saying “We’re excited to be part of the team, we’re looking forward to being part of the Indy 500, and we can’t wait to see the JR Promotions logo on Bryan’s car when he rolls into victory lane on Memorial Day weekend.”


Bryan Clauson added: “You always hear people talking about an IndyCar being a 230mph billboard, so it only seems appropriate to bring a billboard company on as a sponsor.  As we build our program for the long-term, it feels really great to add another central Indiana company to our roster of supporters, and I look forward to being able to represent them for years to come.”


Team principal David Byrd: “Every time a company gets behind us and invests in our program and in Bryan Clauson, our vision for the new Jonathan Byrd’s Racing is validated.  Adding a company like JR Promotions is an important part of our program both short and long-term.  Every single sponsor is integral to our achieving the desired success both on and off-track, and to creating a viable and sustainable motorsports operation, so we are excited to bring JR Promotions into the fold and to sharing the excitement of Indy with them.”


JR Promotion’s great selection of bulletin, poster, and digital units provides advertisers with a tremendous, cost-efficient opportunity to reach their target audience. JR Promotions strives to help their clients grow their businesses by offering a wide variety of advantages including eye-catching creative design, quick turn-around, competitive rates, and top notch customer service.

ComedySportz Indianapolis Improvises With Jonathan Byrd’s Racing

ComedySportz Indianapolis Improvises With Jonathan Byrd’s Racing @ByrdRacing

Greenwood, IN – KVSH/Jonathan Byrd’s Racing is thrilled to announce another supporter of its joint entry to field Bryan Clauson in the Indianapolis 500, and welcomes ComedySportz Indianapolis to the team.

Now in its 23rd year, ComedySportz Indianapolis (, is the city’s only professional improv comedy theatre. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, CSz Indianapolis presents improvisational ComedySportz matches where two teams battle for laughs and points as they play games and make up everything on the spot. The company also boasts a Friday Late Night Series, which hosts a rotating spot of adults-only improv comedy shows, featuring professional improvisers from CSz Indianapolis.


“We are so thrilled to be partnering with such a well-established and respected company as Jonathan Byrd’s,” says Mia Lee Roberts, Co-owner and Executive Producer. “CSz Indianapolis looks forward to a fun and long-lasting partnership with them.”

Bryan Clauson talked about the team’s newest sponsor: “Though racing is definitely about preparation, execution, and precision, there’s also a lot of improvisation from lap to lap. I’m always stoked to see new supporters get on board with us, and this one really puts a smile on my face. It’s a different kind of fast-paced action, and the performers at CSz understand performing under pressure. With my schedule, I’m usually busy on Fridays and Saturdays, but I can’t wait to get out to one of their Thursday night matches. I may even have to try my hand at a bit of improv myself, in case this racing thing doesn’t work out.”

Jonathan Byrd II added his thoughts, saying “We’re definitely thrilled to welcome Mia, Lynn, Ed, Chad and the entire cast of CSz Indianapolis to our team! With more than thirty years in the community, they have become an Indianapolis institution, and we’re excited to now be part of their story and their family. As can be imagined, with a sponsor like ComedySportz, we have some fun things planned. With everything we’re going to be doing with CSz, we’re really looking forward to being part of the vibrant and growing Mass Ave community. I’ve already signed up for some of their improv workshops, so hopefully the racing and improv comedy fans of central Indiana will see me in a match sometime in the not-too-distant future.”

The relationship between ComedySportz Indianapolis and Jonathan Byrd’s Racing extends beyond the racetrack, as the Jonathan Byrd’s Hospitality & Restaurant Group has also secured the naming rights to the CSz Indianapolis “arena” at 721 Massachusetts Ave in downtown Indianapolis.


Jonathan Byrd’s Racing was founded by the late Jonathan Byrd in 1982. In its various forms, Jonathan Byrd’s Racing has successfully fielded 17 entries in the Indianapolis 500 beginning in 1985, scoring 6 top ten finishes, with a best finish of 5th in 2005. A Jonathan Byrd’s Racing car currently holds the all-time Indianapolis 500 1 and 4 lap qualifying records (Luyendyk ’96). Jonathan Byrd’s Racing has won 2 IndyCar races (Luyendyk – Phoenix ’96, Paul Jr – Texas ’98), along with 2 United States Auto Club National Midget Championships (’86,’87).

About KVSH Racing:

KVSHlogoFINAL15KVSH Racing is led by successful venture capitalist Kevin Kalkhoven, 1996 Indy car champion Jimmy Vasser and sports marketer James “Sulli” Sullivan. For more information about KVSH Racing visit:; Twitter: @kvracing; Facebook:; Instagram: OfficialKVSHracing

ActiveLIFE Magazine Hits Track With Byrd Team

Greenwood, IN – KVSH/Jonathan Byrd’s Racing is excited to welcome another partner to our 2015 Indianapolis 500 program, as ActiveLIFE Magazine joins the continually growing group of companies that are coming together in support of Bryan Clauson.

ActiveLIFE Magazine ( is a monthly lifestyle publication in Indianapolis. The Magazine delivers strategies and tools that help people make little changes to achieve big success. With “You Can Do It” attitude, our health, nutrition and fitness advice, workouts, and cover stories motivate readers to get strong in mind, body and spirit. Active LIFE Magazine inspires people to improve their lives and stay active.

“We’re thrilled to be teaming up as a sponsor with Jonathan Byrd’s Racing this year,” says Justyna Doruch, executive editor of Active Life Magazine. “As part of our mission to foster active and healthy living, each month we feature someone in our community who really exemplifies strength and confidence in their life pursuits. Bryan Clauson is just that kind of person, and we’re excited to feature him in our Indy 500 issue this May.”

Bryan Clauson talked about the team’s newest partner:  “It’s always exciting to add another sponsor to our program.  Though the Indy 500 is a global event, when we add people to our team that our connected to the Indianapolis community, it’s really very satisfying.  I’m honored that ActiveLIFE sees me and our team as the type of people that they want to get behind, and I’m looking forward to representing them both on and off the track.”

Jonathan Byrd’s Racing team principal Jonathan Byrd II talked about the relationship with ActiveLIFE, saying “It’s been a privilege getting to know and working with Justyna Doruch and her team at ActiveLIFE.  Their enthusiasm to be part of our team continues to validate the work that we are doing to put the Jonathan Byrd’s Racing IndyCar program back on track.  We’re thrilled to add another valuable community partner like ActiveLIFE Magazine to our team, we hope that this is just the beginning of a valuable, long-term relationship, and we’re looking forward to seeing Bryan on the cover of the May issue.”

ActiveLIFE Magazine is designed and written to benefit thousands of men and women and their families who are committed to an active lifestyle. Their goal is to foster a powerful community of informed, active people who believe that their strength, energy, confidence and happiness are fundamental to living well.

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      Over the past 20-something years writing about racing, I’ve encountered three people from whom I learn something about the art of racecar driving every time we speak for longer than five minutes. One of that trio is Rick Ravon Mears, born this day 65 years ago in Wichita, Kansas, and brought up in Bakersfield, Calif. […]
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      Tonya Bergeson-Dana talks with her son, Conor, about his father when he brings it up, which is often. If he’s asking the questions, she reasons, he’s ready to hear the answers. Paul Conor Dana, at age 9, knows that his father was Paul Dana, a journalist and IndyCar driver who died in March 2006 during […]