Robin Miller (1949 – 2021)

INDIANAPOLIS (Aug. 25, 2021)–Motorsports lost one of its great writers today with the passing of Robin Miller (pictured far right), who chronicled the sport from the late ‘60s right up until his death. A nonpareil wordsmith, Miller combined strong opinions and eloquent writing to make even the most hardened adversary think twice. He knew and cared for the race drivers and the mechanics who worked in the sport he loved. That caring always came through in his writing—and he wrote of the heroism in so many of those who fought back from injuries and ill health. And when he became sick with cancer, he too showed the true grit and courage he so admired in others.

It’s hard to put into words what someone like Robin Miller meant to A.J. and his team. Robin’s talent, honesty, wit and above all, his friendship, were all at the top level of the podium. He was a true champion of auto racing and the motorsports world will forever be a bit darker without him. His passion for the sport was as great as his impact on it and thankfully we will have his past writings and broadcast interviews to reflect on, as that was his gift and his legacy to all.

A.J. Foyt on Robin Miller…

“They broke the mold when they made Robin Miller. A lot of people didn’t understand Robin and I didn’t either when I first met him and then I come to find out, he knew what the hell he was doing. Robin was one of the best writers there was, and he really called a spade a spade, and that’s what I respected about him.

Robin introduced A.J. to Sloppy Joe’s at a Mid-Ohio roadside eatery. Close friends Steve Shunck (center) and Dave Furst (far right) joined in the fun.

“I got to know him quite well and I’m glad I did. He was a great friend. I don’t think there was another guy that loved racing as much as he did. The fact that he drove midgets and he knew what a race car was like, I think helped him be a great writer too. He knew what it took.

“I’m awful glad I went to Indy to see him. We had lunch together and I stayed for the race, but I mainly went up there to see him. We had a good time talking about the old days. I know he suffered pretty hard the last two years, but man he was tough. He’s better off now but I sure will miss him.”

Foyt speaks for many who knew and loved Robin Miller. Godspeed.

When A.J. got attacked by killer bees for the SECOND time, Robin presented him with a custom-made bee hat at Long Beach in 2018.

A.J. and Robin with good friends Steve Shunck and Nigel Roebuck after dinner at the Iron Skillet, one of their favorite Indianapolis restaurants.

Robin interviewing A.J. and Dan Gurney in Long Beach in April, 2017. It appears A.J.’s remark caused Robin to shake his head–wasn’t the first time and wouldn’t be the last.

Foyt and Mario Andretti clown around with Robin when he became the first recipient of the Robin Miller Award –for those dedicated to the service of racing– at the Speedway.

A.J. and Robin with his good friend Tim Coffeen after lunch at Foyt’s Indy race shop August 13th. Coffeen was Robin’s pit stooge in his days as a midget driver and his source for all facts and figures with regard to auto racing. Robin was inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame earlier in the day and as he was leaving Foyt’s shop he said to Shunck, “This was the best day of my life!”