Cooper Tires Winterfest – Barber Motorsports Park update #6 – USF2000 race notes

John Cummiskey Racing driver Jordan Lloyd made a mistake on the first pace lap and hit the inside ARMCO exiting Turn 9, damaging the nose and front left suspension. Unfortunatley, that was the end of his day.

Starting second Franzoni made a brave late braking maneuver and pass around the outside of pole sitter and Cooper Tires Winterfest championship leader. The two continued to fight through the first lap until Eidson had a problem with the car at lap 14 and came to a stop at the entrance to pit road.

The top five at the end of the first lap were: Franzoni, Jamin, Parker Thompson, Anthony Martin and Luke Gabin.

The big early mover wass Cape Motorsports with /WTR sophomore Aaron Telitz who started in 14th, made the move up to 5th by the 6th lap.

After being towing Eidson back to pit lane, the field went back to green on lap 3 with Franzoni leading Jamin.

With Eidson having problems, the Cooper Tires Winterfest championship became a wide open fight between Franzoni and Jamin.

The field went to yellow on lap 8, when Luke Gabin made significant contact with the wall on drivers right, exiting Turn 17.

The field went back to green on lap 11, with 7 minutes remaining on the clock. Franzoni jumped out to a five car length lead going into Turn 1, while Jamin overcooked it into Turn 1, giving Franzoni a 10+ car length lead.

On lap 12, Franzoni had a 0.5 second lead.
On lap 13, Franzoni had a 0.2 second lead.

Jamin took the lead from Franzoni on lap 14 in the final turn after Franzoni went wide. The move turned out to be the pass that won him and Cape Motorsports with /WTR the Cooper Tires Winterfest driver and team championships.

We’ll be back with full results and championship standings after the Pro Mazda race.