Texas 2 – Saturday – Close

By Joe Berkemeier Well, that was intense. The restart of the Firestone 600 proved that the cars would stay pretty close together at the beginning of each run, then would spread out after about 15-20 laps. So once the first yellow flag of
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Texas 2 – Saturday – Race Spoiler

By Joe Berkemeier What follows is the race spoiler... ===== The car of Takuma Sato came rolling onto the grid at 8pm, taking its place just behind the car of race leader James Hinchcliffe. The race went back to green on Lap 75, and
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Texas 2 – Saturday – 7:10pm

By Joe Berkemeier We’ve been told by INDYCAR officials that the car of Takuma Sato will be allowed to race in tonight’s race provided that the car is repaired in time. There’s plenty of damage to the right side of the car
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Texas 2 – Saturday – 5:00 pm

By Joe Berkemeier Temperatures were 93 degrees ambient, 131 degrees track at the start of the practice session. Takuma Sato was on his first hot lap in the upper lane when something appeared to break in the right rear of his car.
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Texas 2 – Saturday – 2:30pm

by Joe Berkemeier Hello from Texas Motor Speedway, where we’re here for the resumption of the Firestone 600. As Steve mentioned yesterday, Patrick covered this race in June. He will be at Watkins Glen next weekend, so I’m here this weekend to
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