Source: Team PR

#6: Felix Rosenqvist, Arrow McLaren Chevrolet

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course

Practice and qualifying date: Friday, May 12

Round: 5/17

Total laps: 85 Laps

Total race distance: 207.32 miles/333.65 km

Length: 2.44 miles/3.93 km

Number of turns: 14

Session start times:

  • Warm Up: Saturday, 11:15 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. ET
  • Green Flag: Saturday, 3:45 p.m. ET

TUNE IN: Saturday, 3:30 p.m. ET on NBC

Practice 1: 6th, 01:09.7152

Total Laps: 19

Practice 2: 12th, 01:10.4167

Total Laps: 15


  • Round 1, Group 1: 3rd, 01:09.5838
  • Round 2: 4th, 01:09.3604
  • Firestone Fast Six: 2nd, 01:09.3348

Starting Position: P2

”The Arrow McLaren cars were just super good, a big thanks to SmartStop and all our partners. The cars were rolling off good all day. Pato and Rossi were up there all day as well. I just came back from nailing a lap there at the end. I made a mistake in the snake, just a little wobble there. I just went for it, all or nothing. The little wobble set the car up in a bad way for Turn 10. Big congrats to Christian Lungaard. A Scandinavian front row is always cool. I have been on pole here a few times, and it’s never really worked, so maybe P2 is the way to go to get a tow into Turn 1 tomorrow.”

Practice 1: 1st, 01:09.4981

Total Laps: 16

Practice 2: 3rd, 01:10.2604

Total Laps: 22


  • Round 1, Group 2: 1st, 01:09.2937
  • Round 2: 3rd, 01:09.3405
  • Firestone Fast Six: 5th, 01:09.5422

Starting Position: P5

“P5 for us today in qualifying here for the Indy GP. My Turn 1 on that lap definitely didn’t deserve pole today, but we’ve got a strong race car. It should rain overnight, so I think warmup will be interesting, then we’ll give it hell in the race.”

Practice 1: 17th, 01:10.1417

Total Laps: 21

Practice 2: 11th, 01:10.4075

Total Laps: 20


  • Round 1, Group 2: 2nd, 01:09.4747
  • Round 2: 10th, 01:09.5471

Starting Position: P10

”Busy day. I think we’re disappointed to be 10th but not because we had anything more. It just seems to be where we qualify these days. So we’ll move on to the race.”

Gavin Ward, Race Director, Arrow McLaren

“Another day, another qualifying with all three cars in the top 10, so we’re pretty happy with how that panned out. We’re gutted to not find the three milliseconds we were missing to get pole there with Felix, and I think Pato wishes he could have another go at that last lap because we probably had the pace to be right there. At the end of the day, we had two cars in the Firestone Fast Six and all three will start in the top 10. We’re right where we want to be for the race.”