St. Pete - Saturday - 1:00 pm WEATHER ALERT

Story posted - Mar 29 2014 1:02 PM

We're on lock down at St. Pete as severe weather is expected. Here's the notice currently displayed on the big screens at the track:


Attention: Please evacuate all grandstands and open areas and take shelter immediately inside Mahaffey Theater or parking garage, Al Lang Stadium, or the Airport Terminal building behind Turn 2 until further notice.

The media center is located in a large meeting room on the second floor in the building housing the Mahaffey Theater. Fans are taking shelter on the first floor lobby of the theater.

We are currently experiencing some light rain but, as noted, the weather is expected to get worse.

More as soon as we have it.

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Steve Leister Mar 29 2014 2:58 PM
Ay update? Is qualifying moved to tomorrow? Thanks

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